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Pioneer Endicott

Pioneer Endicott is a 130+ year-old historic renovation of three buildings for housing and commercial space. The buildings include the old 16-story Pioneer Press, the six-story Endicott on Robert Street and the six-story Endicott on Fourth Street. The original buildings were constructed in 1889 and 1890, and are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The 1880s building construction included cast iron beam and column frames infilled with clay tile segmented arched units with flat and curved bottom ceilings with concrete topping at the floors and roof. The clay tile units are constructed within the webs of the beams with tie rods that were located through the webs of the beams near the bottom of the flanges to resist the arch thrust forces from the clay tile segmented units. Special clay units enclosed the bottom flanges of the beams to provide fire protection for the beams. This project included new openings for full height open area stairways, elevators and shafts as well as new links between the existing buildings. Due to the lack of existing drawings, the project required many site visits to field verify the existing framing, thus turning the project into a design-build project where field verification was crucial. Hand-drafted design-build drawings were used throughout construction between the design engineer, steel fabricator and general contractor in order to keep this project on schedule. All submittals were sent to the City of St. Paul as well as the Minnesota Historical Society for approval.

The historic renovation project totals 390,000 square feet and 234 luxury apartments.

St. Paul, MN



Mixed Use

3 buildings
390,000 SF
6 to 16 stories