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New Member Highlight

What's New New Member Highlight

April 10, 2024

Nelson-Rudie & Associates, Inc., an employee-owned company since 2021, proudly participated in The ESOP Association’s Minnesota/Dakotas Spring Conference on April 10th. Michael Woehrle, president with a 39-year tenure, spoke on behalf of the company, focusing on the advantages of being employee-owned. The presentation underscored the company’s commitment to employee ownership, detailing the distribution of shares to every employee-owner and how it aligns the company’s success with the financial well-being of its staff. Our dedication to this model demonstrates an investment in creating an inclusive and prosperous work environment for all. This presentation highlighted the inspiration for opting to transition to an employee-owned company, the progress made since the transition as well as the bright path ahead as Nelson-Rudie grows the business and ownership culture.